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Mar 26, 2013 4:00am PDT
. he was way back in 2004 when i was covering him as a reporter, he was the mayor of san francisco and he told the san francisco clerk to give wedding licenses to same-sex couples. a big controversy way back then. nice to have you with us. pleasure to see. you will be in court, what are you listening for to hear, not so much in the presentations by the attorneys, but to the kinds of questions that the justices ask? what things will be red flags for you? >> it goes to richard's point, which off-ramp to the court does the court take? just a narrow decision? a decision as simple as standing? rejected on standing base, or do we get to the eight or nine-state solution. a hybrid or middle ground related to sil unions and the nine states if you include colorado last week that fall into that category? or as i hope and as richard asserted, that we ultimately adjudicate as we should, as it relates to equal protection claus and the 14th amendment, set aside this issue in the context of a 50-state solution and move on to other issues. >> let's say, we move on to the three pathways. i have a gr
Mar 6, 2013 4:00am PST
from kenya, headed to san francisco, he's going to waste time and hopes his internet holds up. >> oh, we've all been there. that is just the worst. shannon travis, probably a little jetlag coming from kenya, appreciate it. karen ma ginniginnismaginnis, w storm ed headed? >> the system will impact the atlantic and the northeast for the next 48 hours. it is described as impactful and very destructive. we could see downed trees and power lines. area of low pressure is going to make its way to the atlantic coast and continue out to the atlantic. on the back side it is going to produce heavy snow or rain/snow mix even into new york city, two to four inches possible. for boston four to eight. the confidence is very high as to the snowfall totals to the west of interstate 95, up to 20 inches of snow. joe johns is in that winchester area and it's going to be steady all day. as we go in towards thursday and friday, we're looking at portions of philadelphia and new york extending up to boston, not just that but high winds as well, wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour. for washington, d.c., t
Mar 12, 2013 4:00am PDT
in san francisco. boldin helped the ravens beat the 49ers in the super bowl. but he was unwilling to take a pay cut. the michael vick book tour has been sacked. reports have surfaced that credible threats of violence have caused organizers to cancel the quarterback's book signings in new jersey and his former home in atlanta in 2007 vick served an 18-month prison sentence for his role in a dog fighting ring. >>> dennis rodman is making his summer vacation plans. the former nba star says he's headed back to north korea to hang with his quote/unquote friend kim jong-un. >> i don't condone what he does. but, he's my friend. >> do you anticipate going over there again? >> yes, i will. obviously. >> you are going over there? >> yes. i'm going to vacation with him. yes. >> not strange enough for you? here's this. tmz says rodman has his sights set on meeting the new pope. the flamboyant former nba rebounding machine told tmz he is jetting off to rome, and that his peeps are in contact with the folks at the vatican trying to arrange a sit-down with the next pontiff. unbelievable. the san antonio
Mar 15, 2013 4:00am PDT
in the country to read "citizenville," a book by gavin newsom, the former mayor of san francisco and lieutenant governor of california. the best book on how the information age will allow us to go back to a citizen based society and get away from bureaucracy. when you end up with a liberal democrat writing the best book on dismantling democracy, you can tell there is something missing from republican dialog. have you a ted cruz, mike leigh, you just mentioned rand paul. and you look around the country at a whole new generation of governors doing very innovative things, i'll be following scott walker tomorrow morning. nikki hailey, suzanna martinez. i think we'll be fine in the long run, but the old guard of the party gets too crusty and a little too antiideas. i think that's unfortunate. are are stale, moss covered and now crusty. >> thank you. thank you for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. >> and ron meyer nodding his head yes. >> what rand paul says is exactly right on. we're seeing refreshing of the republican party. we need it. what's happening, we have forgotten our princi
Mar 5, 2013 4:00am PST
-foot luxury sailboat from a marina near san francisco and packed it with pizza and beer. the boat ran aground about 20 miles south in pacifica. the suspects, two men and a woman, refused to surrender to police for hours. they were finally pulled off the yacht. presumably when they were full of the pizza and beers. by sheriff's deputies. they were placed under arrest. >> it's a party, dude. >> did not end well for them, of course. >>> cash for good grades? thanks to a $7 million grant frrt university of notre dame several high schools in indiana will be able to pay for students for high scores. it's set up as an incentive to get more students to enroll in advanced classes. it works like this. when a student scores a 3 out of 5 or better on an advanced placement test, they'll get a check for 100 bucks. get this. their teacher does also. study. sound like a good deal. >> how do you feel about that? paying people to achieve in school? or shouldn't we do it the old-fashioned way? like you should get a good grade on your a.p. test because there's a payoff down the road? >> aren't their bonu
Mar 7, 2013 4:00am PST
. that americans could be killed in a cafe in san francisco or in a restaurant in houston or at their home in bowling green, kentucky, is an abomination. >> let's get right to shannon travis this morning. he's in washington, d.c. hey, shannon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. as you mentioned, the kentucky senator drank water and took snack breaks and popped candy. he only ended his marathon by joking that nature has its limits and that he reached his. take a listen. >> i would go for another 12 hours to try to break strom thurmond's record but i discovered that there are some limits to filibustering and i'm going to have to go take care of one of those in a few minutes here. >> reporter: soledad, obviously the serious issue here, as you mentioned, can the u.s. government carry out drone strikes against american citizens on u.s. soil. it's an issue that the far right and the far left is concerned about, americans and even terror suspects not being given due process in the courts. rand paul especially concerned after attorney general eric holder told a senate judiciary pane
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6